Author: L. J.

Author: L. J.

Thanksgiving Holidays

Thanksgiving Holidays will be held from Wednesday, November 27 through Friday, November 29. There will be no school for students and staff in Lexington One.

Author: L. J.


We are excited to announce our new Share Table in the PHES cafeteria. The Share Table is a place where students can place unopened packages & fruit from the cafeteria that they choose not to eat. This provides an opportunity for other students to take additional helpings of food from the Share Table at no cost to them. This also cuts down on waste.

We welcome Ms. Paula Green, our new mental health counselor from Lexington County Mental Health. We will share Ms. Green with PHMS. Ms. Green will be available to see students on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Friday afternoons.

Sound systems have been installed in all classrooms so teachers’ voices can be projected better for students. This has proven to be beneficial to both students and teachers.

All of our classrooms have new, beautiful rugs!

Later this year, students & teachers will receive new future-ready furniture in their classrooms!

Author: L. J.

Author: L. J.

Thank you for serving!

We congratulate the following parents and teacher for being selected to serve on the School Improvement Council (SIC):

Janet Cofield, Mary Beth Russell, and Quinton Tucker


Thank you to our Parent Ambassadors, Ramy Harik and Ligia Guerra, for representing PHES for the 2019-2020 year!

Thank you for your dedication to our school!