PHES Lost and Found items

Every year Pleasant Hill Elementary has lost and found contains many personal items of clothing that are never claimed. These items are donated to local charities at the end of the year. To avoid losing your valuable clothing, parents are asked to clearly label all personal belongings with the child’s first and last name so that lost items may be returned promptly. Please talk to your child to not bring valuable items such as jewelry, watches, electronics, etc. to school. These items are easily lost and never claimed.

Our staff take clothing, water bottles, and lunch boxes that remain unclaimed on the playground and cafeteria to the “Lost and Found” area near the cafeteria on the blue hall. Money, jewelry, eye glasses, and small objects will be taken to the front office lost and found area. These items remain in the office until claimed.

If your child is missing a sweater, jacket, etc., please check our “Lost and Found” area by the cafeteria on the blue hall periodically. Many items remain unclaimed. Remaining items will be donated at the end of the school year to a local charity.