English language arts words to know!

PHES is excited to continue to grow our students as readers and writers! As parents and teachers are working together to assist students, it may be important to review some of the terms that are widely used in English language arts (ELA) conversations.

ELA Words to Know:
Comprehension: understanding what is read
Accuracy: accurately reading the words in a selection
Fluency: ability to read with accuracy, at a good pace, and with expression (you should sound like you do in a conversation)
Stamina: the ability to slowly increase the amount of time spent reading with focus and engagement (just like practicing for athletic activities…the more you practice the better you do)
Reading/Writing Workshop:  This is a model of instruction that focuses on the work of the reader and writer. Teachers model to teach the skills and strategies that proficient readers and writers use. Students have the opportunity to select books and write a wide variety of text. Daily, students engage in a mini-lesson, small group instruction and independent reading.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Literacy Coach, Jennifer Jones, at JJones@lexington1.net.